Transform your life financially with our Property Portfolio Plans

Transform your life financially
with our Property Portfolio Plans

Build a property portfolio of 6 – 8 properties paying you $2,000 a week in passive income.
We show you how, and help you get there.

Because your success is our success

Our Property Portfolio Plans allow you to shrink debt and build long term wealth through strategic property investment over several years.

Rome was not built in a day and neither should your property portfolio. Your long term wealth generation is achieved with the help of our expert team who take the time to understand your current financial situation and purpose-build your very own personalised Property Portfolio Plan to strategically acquire 6 – 8 profitable investment properties over the next 10 years.

There is nothing we are more passionate about than helping our clients achieve financial success through strategic property investment. We set you up for success, by partnering you with our very own Property Strategists to guide you through every step of the way. Because your success is our success.

Who Should Consider a Property Portfolio Plan?

  • Anyone interested in shrinking debt and building long term wealth through investing in property
  • Established Property Investors – the benefits of this sort of review are enormous, the knowledge around cashflow into the future ensure the astute investor can make better informed and quicker decisions in adding to their property portfolio
  • First Home Buyers – wishing to establish their level of affordability in knowing what they can borrow and what amount they can purchase with a focus on what is actually the next best move for them to set them up for long term success
  • Those looking to refinance their current home loan – This review will highlight the benefits of refinancing and will also highlight if refinancing is really worth it in the first instance
  • Finally, all households or individuals who are keen to build greater passive income and want to stop trading time for money.


How do we create your Property Portfolio plan

We take the following steps to develop your custom plan, suited to your personal
and financial situation and needs.


Our discovery session helps uncover your goals and aspirations – and we dive in and identify the challenges you face day to day, to understand the lifestyle you want to enjoy in the years to come.


Once we are clear that we can help improve your financial position, we analyse the information we’ve uncovered, and we carefully consider strategic opportunities that will help you reach your goals – and achieve maximum financial gain.

We focus on strategy… and we work together to develop the right strategy for your unique need


This is when we embark on your unique plan development and compute and analyse what strategy would fit your needs best and help you achieve your goals During this stage, there will Strategy Development Meetings and Presentations to fine-tune as required.


Your Portfolio Throughout implementation, our team will proactively guide you through the process… while keeping the pesky paperwork to a minimum, you won’t have to jump through hoops blindfolded, and part of our strategy is to make this process seamless and efficient for you.

Monitor and Grow

All good strategies need to be measured and monitored regularly. Maximising opportunities presented doesn’t just happen by chance. By using a carefully considered, superbly executed strategy and continually measuring the market and products, our clients are able to make the best of the amazing opportunity property ownership can bring. The result of Ramsey Property Wealths Beposke Property Portfolio Plans .

What is included in your
Property Portfolio Plan?

Using Ramsey Property Wealth’s unique technology & software, our qualified Property Investment & Mortgage Advisors will undertake an extensive cash flow analysis which incorporates a detailed list of forecasted variables and assumptions delivering you a clear step-by-step action plan, providing a real-time insight into your:

  • Cash flow projections at retirement and for the next 40 years
  • Debt tracking, including debt elimination forecasts
  • Interest savings calculations
  • Taxation estimates
  • Surplus cash flow options for enhanced wealth creation
  • Asset position projection
  • Superannuation position
  • Forecast wealth projection at retirement age
  • Forecast income projection at retirement age for your retirement
  • Graphical analysis illustration of what your future wealth position looks like

What you end up with..

Using the above analysis we model this all out into a detailed year on year action plan for you to implement, or for us to implement for you (whichever you choose), enabling you to obtain 6-8 revenue-generating properties over the 10 year period.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

  • Ewan was instrumental in our family purchasing our first home.

    After assessing our assets he was very clear and precise about the steps we should take to secure funding for our purchase. He had our future plans in mind when putting together our finance and customised our loans to ensure we meet our next goal. We trust Ewan and know he is truly on our side on our venture into building our property portfolio.

    Shay Waters

  • Being a first home buyer we started our new house mortgage journey with several questions in mind.

    Ewan and his team was very professional, helpful, supportive, and approachable right from the planning phase. We had regular touch points during the process and received proactive financial advice. I truly recommend Ramsey Property Wealth.

    Abhilash Sadasivan

  • Ramsey property wealth has very effective system to provide their service.

    I strongly recommend John Sinatra, to assist with home loans. He was helping me go through every detail to refinance my property and make a professional strategy to suit my situation, very patient and always keep me updated. In addition, I also got the ideal house valuation which gives me a better position in my investment portfolio

    Jy Li
  • Ewan and his team have been amazing to work with.

    We are very excited and confident to be moving forward with them they’ve really shown us that they aren’t just a business they are a very close team who genuinely have our best interests at heart. They’re with you every step of the way and it’s very reassuring knowing we can move forward with experts by our side. Thank you to Ewan and Nerida! Matt Dundas
  • We have recently refinanced our properties.

    Ewan and his team are experts in delivering tailor made funding solutions for your personal and professional requirements. Choices of Multiple Lenders along with many years of savings. As their motto states - They don't just close a Sale, They open a Relationship. The ongoing support and systems in place are of great benefit. We would highly recommend Ewan and his team at Ramsay Property Wealth. Do yourself a favour - don't procrastinate - make the call. We are so glad we did. Thank you Ewan for your outstanding service and engagement to complete the deal.

    Terri Lee

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